Frequently asked questions

FAQ #8211; Treatments

What is the duration of a treatment?
How long a treatment lasts per person. It largely depends on your request for help. Together with you we look at the possibilities and what the best treatment is for you. It is agreed how long you will be treated for.

Can my pet come to the clinic?
No. Pets are not allowed in the clinic.

Is my family involved in the act?
If you give permission that family members help with the treatment, family will be involved. This is not possible without your permission.

How long is the waiting time?
Waiting times of the clinic differ. Sometimes you can go right away, but sometimes it is full and you should wait a few days to months. Look further on the website for more information.

FAQ #8211; Gambling

What does gambling mean?
With gambling, the outcome came about by chance and nobody has any influence on it. Profits or losses can be made. Knowledge does not play a role in gambling, it is purely about luck. You can#8217;t be good or bad at gambling. Where skill does play a role is, for exle, pinball machines. This is a game of skill.

What is gambling addiction?
If someone is a gambling addict, he or she has the urge to gamble, with the result that he or she cannot stop. The amounts are often used higher and higher, which can lead to major problems.

How do I find out if someone is addicted to gambling?
It is difficult to determine whether someone is a gambling addict. Let alone find out. Read the symptoms of gambling addiction. In the case of suspicions, it is important to confront them in a calm manner. If you want to know more, please contact us.

When is someone gambling addict?
If you meet 4 or more of the above symptoms of gambling addicts, you are a gambling addict. The most important thing is the urge you have on the inside. For more information we refer to the heading symptoms of gambling addiction.

Can anyone become a gambling addict?
Yes. In principle, anyone can become a gambling addict. The one is more sensitive than the other. Always be alert and try to stay aware of the choices you make. Be honest with yourself and talk to someone about it if you are afraid of being addicted.

Where can I find help?
If you read this, you are already well on your way. You can find the right help here. In collaboration with casinos, we are the most special clinic there is. There is no other clinic that has ever managed this. We are also specialised in helping gambling addicts. Finally, research is being conducted to improve treatments through technological innovation.