Story of John

John is a 42-year-old man and has a wife and two children. He has been with us for more than one year. He would like to describe the Serendipity Tea House. 

#8220;My name is John and I was addicted to gambling. My wife and children had to deal with a lot of troubles caused by me. There were not only financial problems, but also on a social level. I wasn#8217;t the kind of father that I had to be for my kids. I wasn#8217;t there for them while they need me and I regret it a lot. 

I was forced into STH, otherwise I would lose my family. I would like to thank my family and STH for everything they have done for me. I don#8217;t want to go too deeply into my treatment, because I want to keep that part privately. But I will describe  the SHT.

I was in STH with 7 other gambling addicts. There is a large dining area where we had together breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the living room there is a table tennis where we were allowed to play. There were also other games, but none of them was an electronic game. Electronic games were namely forbidden within the building. Nothing could be smuggled in, because there was good security. #8220;

People often tried to smuggle equipment with them, but this is not possible! We have seen many unusual things. Even family members tried. While they must be the ones who help them.

#8220;The bedrooms were not very big. But I was already happy that it wasn#8217;t noisy. If I wanted to be alone for a moment, I could quietly retreat there. So there was nobody else who will bother you further.#8221;

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