Symptoms #038; Consequences

Symptoms of gambling addiction

#8211; Tiredness, problems to sleep
#8211; Amnesia
#8211; Urge to gamble every time
#8211; Want to win back the losses
#8211; Amounts are getting higher

People with a gambling addiction have the urge to keep gambling. Gambling addicts continue to play even when in financial difficulties. Because of this they have trouble going to sleep and the fatigue increases considerably. They are mainly focused on one thing: gambling. The memory loss decreases drastically. But interests in their environment are also declining. Family and friends are becoming less important, which can lead to social consequences.

Consequences of gambling addiction

#8211; Financial problems
#8211; Relationship and/or family problems
#8211; Study or work problems

The consequences of gambling addiction are primarily a financial problem, but there are also often relationship and family problems. You lose? Do you want to earn your money back. You win? Do you have the urge to win even more? Gambling addicts often do not know a stop anymore and keep on going. The study or work is also neglected. They start truancy, arrive late (due a lack of sleep) and do not do their best for an optimal result. In addition, they start using excuses, because they don#8217;t dare to tell the truth. Whether it is scratch cards, poker or blackjack, gambling can have uncontrollable consequences.

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